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The Birds and the Beads

1974       Tina Russell, Georgina Spelvin

"The Birds and the Beads" is more than just a film about sex and love. It's also a hilarious romp with some of the most inventive sex scenes ever filmed. Its scenes of lesbian love between Sidney (Georgina Spelvin) and Cherry (Tina Russell) are without a doubt the most sensitively seen cameos in the history of pornography.

The plot is a very simple one; Harry Cohn, a playboy-accountant, who knows how to swing when things get dull surrounds himself with a bevy of beautiful women. The opening scene finds Harry in his office on the phone doing a con job on one of his lovelies named Cherry. He calls to wish her a Happy Birthday and to make a date for later that afternoon. The conversation on the phone ends with Harry promising to buy Cherry something nice for her birthday. A major portion of the film following this sequence is the trials and tribulations (if you can call sex, tribulation) of Harry and later on in the film Cherry, before Harry finally

arrives at Cherry's pad with his erotic surprise birthday present. Bergdorf's, Gucci, Peck and Peck, don't have quite what he has in mind, Harry's fertile mind finally hits on the idea of going to a gypsy fortune teller to see if she could suggest something especially erotic. The gypsy woman sells him a very mysterious string of beads from "ancient Egypt" (she says). She also whispers in Harry's ear how to use the beads. The audience is kept In suspense until the end before they know the secret of the beads. On his way from the gypsys, Harry is driving through a neighborhood he suddenly recognizes as that of one of his old flames, Dawn. Harry stops by and ends up bedding down with Dawn for an extended stay.

Meanwhile Cherry's impatient because Harry is now an hour late. She's getting angrier by the minute. Just about when Cherry has reached the boiling point the doorbell rings. Rushing to the door, anticipating Harry, she finds Sidney, the lesbian, door-to-door cosmetic saleslady. Sidney proceeds to seduce Cherry with perfumes and, body lotions and a series of erotic and tender scenes follow. Harry meanwhile is in bed with Dawn and suddenly remembers Cherry. He calls her, while still saddling Dawn. There follows some very amusing dialogue between Harry and Cherry. Harry hangs up and we see him sometime later calling Cherry again. This time however, it's Cherry who is trysting with Sidney while she's talking with Harry on the phone. The double deception is delicious fun. Harry finally arrives at Cherry's pad. There stands Harry with his "Egyptian" beads draped from his penis. She is so impressed, that she falls to her knees and shows him her appreciation. She then leads him in to meet her lesbian lover, Sidney. Following this, she seats herself at the piano. Harry seats himself atop the piano. She plays "Happy Birthday"to herself on the piano while she gives him a blow job. It's got to be seen to be believed.

Finally, Harry and Cherry get together in bed and do their various two-some numbers. Then Sidney (who has been cowering and whimpering in the outer room) joins them and there follows a baccanale of total gratification. Ending with the anal insertion of the beads into Cherry and her delighted climax as they are pulled out.

Starring Tina Russell and Georgina Spelvin Click here for more

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Pressbook 12x14 single-sided folded

The Birds and the Beads

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