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Fritz the Cat 1

1971       Directed by Ralph Bakshi

Teaser Storyline for Fritz the Cat

Fritz and his buddies are messing around Washington Square Park in New York while the Sunday promenade goes
on. Hippies and squares, teeny-boppers and heads do their tour stopping to listen to one or another guitar playing group, each one playing worse than the other. Fritz and his group, not to be outdone, break out their guitars in hopes of attracting some chicks.

Nothing works with the pretty ones, so Fritz makes a play for some young innocents, whose first time it is in the park. After separating them from a Black crow by a makeshift fit, he entices them - all three, to the crash pad in the East Village where he hopes to bed them down. "Four in a bed is a kick I haven't tried yet."
In the crash pad, an aardvark and assorted quasi students, are smoking grass in the bedroom. Fritz, in desperation moves into the bathtub as the only horizontal place available. Fritz continues to spout poetry and philosophy as

he undresses the girls one by one. The giggling and the noise brings the whole gang into the bathtub where the girls develop into a center of attraction: "Say honey, did you ever make it with an aardvark?"

The noise and the confusion brings on the cops-one a rookie, and the other a pro, who have been summoning up their courage to break in, meanwhile listening at the door and figuring out who'll get to search the girls first.

Fritz, in the confusion, grabs one of the cops guns and shoots the toilet, which explodes in a geyser of majestic proportions. Fritz beats it out, chased by the cops through the East Village streets. He hops into an Orthodox synagogue where the congregation is in prayer, hiding in the ladies room. The two cops break into the synagogue. One being Jewish, cautions the other, "Don't make any trouble, these are my people." The two of them stumble around the synagogue searching for Fritz and fighting between themselves. In a scuffle, the rookie cop shoves the Jewish cop across the synagogue. He crashes into the ladies room where Fritz is hiding and entertaining a Jewish chick who is there for her ablutions.
In the ensuing crash, Fritz, the Jewish cop, and the Jewish chick on top of the Jewish cop come sliding out of the bathroom through the congregation, and come to a screeching halt piled up in front of the rabbi, like a platter of pickled herring. A radio the chick has been listening to, broadcasts a special announcement: "Israel Defense Minister and the United States Secretary of State have today concluded a mutual defense pact, a principal point of which calls for the cities of New York and Los Angeles to be returned to the United States." In the joyous dancing and singing that follow, the cops get caught up in the Hora, and Fritz beats it out a window and back to school.
In a soliloquy, Fritz decides that the world is passing him by. He has rivers to cross, poems to write and most important, girls to screw. He sets fire to his schoolbooks, which happen to cause the rest of the school to go up in flames. Fritz sets out for Harlem, to experience.

He walks into a Harlem bar and is ignored by the crows. He finally lights on Duke, shooting pool. Fritz tries to spread his contagion of white liberal platitudes: "My heart cries out
to you in this racial crisis." Duke says: "No shit!" After continuing to bug Duke, Fritz accidentally shoves his arm, which causes Duke to sink every one of the 15 balls on the table. Duke gets Fritz out before the crows at the bar cut him to pieces.

After a car chase which comes about when Duke and Fritz steal a car, Fritz, who decides he "can drive like a crow, man," crashes the car, only to have Duke rescue Fritz again. The two of them go off to Big Bertha's pad. Big Bertha is a remnant of old time Harlem when white money came to Harlem for a good time. A pot party is in progress, and Bertha sees in Fritz a customer for something. She gets Fritz high on marijuana, and Fritz grabs for big bosomed Bertha. She teases him and he races after her into the junkyard. He finally grabs her and they start to screw.
In the midst of the lovemaking, Fritz is beset by the idea that he is now a part of the Black lifestyle. He rushes off to a street corner, leaving Bertha unsatisfied and bewildered. Fritz mounts on top a parked car, berating the crows for not rising up and revolting against their white oppressors. A riot ensues. The cops come. Duke again tries to save Fritz, but is killed in the process. Once again, Fritz leaves it all behind to hit the road.
He locates an old girlfriend, Winston, and convinces her to go with him across country in her beat up Volkswagon. Winston is bossy and bitchy, and the cross country jaunt that was to be full of romance, adventure, and poetry for Fritz, turns into a nightmare of carping, complaining, and Howard Johnsons.

The VW runs out of gas and with a bucket in his hand, Fritz meets up with a group of bike riding Hells Angels. They convince him that revolution is the only way out, and that he can participate in the great adventure of destroying America if he joins them. Apart from being on hard drugs and from combining sadistic urges against society and each other, Fritz is convinced to help them blow up a power plant.
but the sudden beating and rape of Harriet, one of the biker's chicks, turns Fritz cold on the group. It's also the first time that he feels real love for someone - Harriet.
One of the gal evolutionaries drives with Fritz to the power plant. Fritz suddenly realizes that their brutality is too much for him and that this kind of destruction will do no one any good. She resolves to eliminate Fritz, and as Fritz does her bidding to plant the dynamite on a girder, she lights it: "So long Fritzy baby," KAB000M!

In a corridor outside a hospital room a policeman stands in attendance, but the girls from the first park sequence beg to be let in to pay their last respects.
Fritz is swathed in bandages as the girls come sobbing to his bedside. Painfully he talks, a kind of deathbed confession, in which he gets them to come closer, and finally, in a replay of the dialogue of the bathtub sequence of the East Village, he takes command and directs the girls into various positions of undress. While Fritz's bandages come flying off, the girls go bounding up and down on the hospital bed in perfect slow motion. The giggling and heavy breathing take over.

RUNNING TIME 78 MINUTES Click here for more

Item Details:
Pressbook 11x14 single-sided

Fritz the Cat 1

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