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Emmanuelle 1

1974       Sylvia Kristel

X has never been known for its elegance. Or for its beautiful
people. Or for its intelligent story line. Or for its lush photography.

X has been known for other things.

At Columbia Pictures we're proud to bring you a movie that will change the meaning of X.
A movie that begins with the sensual and takes it places X has never been.

The story. An X film that has one.

Emmanuelle began as an autobiographical novel about a young married French girl living in Bangkok.
It deals with the fun and games of the chic, monied class. And the sexual excursion that takes her from innocence to fulfillment. The novel was banned by the President of France in 1983. It was published illegally and sold over a million copies in 17 languages.

The novel was the basis of our movie.

In July of 1974, the new government of France lifted the ban and allowed Emmanuelle to be exhibited for the first time.


million Frenchmen in 14 weeks, In the first 14 weeks after its release, over 2 million Frenchmen (and women) stood in long lines to see Emmanuelle.
Today, it is the most popular film in France. Eclipsing even 'The Sting" in a matter of months. It is today the biggest film in French cinema history.
What's the most sensual part of your body?
The answer is not your calf, your breasts, your thigh, the nape of your neck, or even your genitalia. The most sensual part of your body is your mind. And that's the key to Emmanuelle.
Where there is beauty there is no shame.

While the film may shock some, Emmanuelle is far more sensual, much more erotic than it is obvious.
The photography is lush. Sometimes vivid and shocking. sometimes soft and innocent, always brilliant. The look is not what peop'e have come to expect in an X-rated film.
Nor are the stars.
Sylvia Kristel is innocent, charming, untouched. And certainly the most beautiful thing to come out of Europe in years. Alain Cuny, her mentor, is one of the most celebrated Shakespearian actors in France.
The physical beauty of the cast is worth the price of admission alone. The film has been called 'a sexual Vogue."

X you can take your wife to.
The intelligence of the story, and the elegance with which it is handled result in a film that doesn't make you fidget in the explicit scenes, or slink down into your seat.
And after the film is over you don't find yourself making a hasty departure while scrupulously avoiding eye contact.

Emmanuelle is sensual, but she's elegant ... she's fantasy, but she's fun, but most important she leaves you with a singular lack of guilt.
This extraordinary film has the ability to allow all of us to look unflinchingly into the face of pure sensuality for perhaps the first time. And this is the clue to its overwhelming popularity and success.
It's the first film of its kind that lets you feel good without feeling bad.

Item Details:
1-Sheet Yugoslavia 15.75x21 single-sided folded

Emmanuelle 1

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Cast of "Emmanuelle"

Emmanuelle .......................... SYLVIA KRISTEL
Mario .......................... ALAIN CUNY
Bee .......................... MARIKA GREEN
Jean .......................... DANIEL SARKY
Ariane .......................... JEANNE COLLETIN
Marie-Ange .......................... CHRISTINE BOISSON
Girls .......................... SAMANTHA, GABY BRIAN

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