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Cinderella 2000


Cinderella 2000 is truly a departure in feature film production. It spoofs futuristic sexuality with modern musical comedy and production values featuring such interesting items as:

- The Loveless Computer-run world of the year 2047
- A space visitor who becomes a "Fairy Godfather"
- Robots running the world and mating with machines
- A ruler who is against sex and forbids what everyone wants
- A beautiful futuristic "Cinderella" who shows everyone how to love

All of this production was accomplished with great care by director Al Adamson in what industry insiders are hailing as the best film and most unusual of his long career. All original costumes were designed and hand fitted for all cast members. Wild space age sets were specially built and many weeks of detailed work were spent on the planning of the special effects. A city in the world of the year 2047 was built in miniature as were rocket ships and other futuristic devices that only exist in man's imagination today.

These constructed items were then animated optically and carefully combined with new live action footage of the cast members in action. Making this work extremely difficult and costly was the shooting in wide screen TODD-AO 35, which further complicated the optical effects. All in au the expense and hard work was worth it in this new and novel film which has certainly achieved its goal of entertaining audiences with the kind of fun rarely seen on the screen today.

Twenty-six-year-old VAUGHN ARMSTRONG, who plays the role of Tom Prince, is a native Californian with a wide range of experience in film and television, as well as on the stage. Among his credits are, Charles Bronson's "MR. MAJESTYK," a Mirisch Production, "HARRY AND ROGER," a Columbia Pictures TV presentation, and many stage performances, including leading roles in "Romeo and Juliet," "Macbeth," "Bus Stop" and "A Streetcar Named Desire." Not to be dissuaded from pursuing his vocation, while serving in Vietnam he built a theatre, and then proceeded to produce, direct and star in "The Day the Whores Came Out To Play Tennis." He is also the recipient of several Best Actor awards presented to him by the Pasadena Playhouse and the Eastern Conference Collegiate Festival. He was, more recently, an Irene Ryan award finalist.

RENA HARMON, "The Widow," is an international star, with experience in German films and television, including two years as the lead in a soap opera. She also has extensive background in German repertory companies, where she played the lead in such plays as "The Owl and the Pussycat," "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and many others. After studying with Lee Strasberg in Hollywood, and starring in Tiara Films' production of "LADY STREETFIGHTER," Rena landed her current role in Cinderella 2000 Look for her in "THE HAPPY HOOKER GOES TO WASHI NGTON" with George Hamilton.

ADINA ROSS is a lanky Scandinavian with an impressive television background, including recent co-starring and feature roles in "Police Story," "Police Woman," "McCloud," "Starsky & Hutch" and Crown International's "THE VAN." Her theatrical experience includes several

musicals, staged by Santa Monica College, "How to Succeed in Business," "Oklahoma" and "Sweet Charity"; and her extensive training in dance makes her especially suited to her current role as Stella. BHURNI COWANS, as Bella, one of Cindy's cruel stepsisters, truly has an opportunity to display her singing and dancing talents. She hails from Colorado, where she was a member of the Shakespeare Festival during her years at the University of Colorado. She also has extensive experience in children's theater. Bhurni's film credits include "HAMMER" and "GRAHAM CRACKERS," a Cannes Festival entry in 1976.

JAY B. LARSON, the "Fairy Godfather," is a seasoned actor and performer. His wide range of experience takes him from commercials and Las Vegas nightclub acts right through to co-starring roles in feature films and television programs. Some of his screen credits include Paramount Pictures' "SEXTETTE," with Mae West, and United Artists' "TEENAGE MILLIONAIRE." For television Jay wrote and starred in the series "THE NEW SOUND" for California's local KCOP-TV; as well as co-starring and feature roles in such shows as "Dick Van Dyke," "That Girl," "It's About Time," "Hey Landlord" and several guest appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show.

ERWIN FULLER in his role as "The Controller" plays in his fourth role for Independent-International, including "UNCLE TOM'S CABIN," "NURSE SHERRI," and "GIRLS' HOTEL." Among his other films are "PRETTY BOY FLOYD," a Universal Films production, and "LEPKE" an AmeriEuro Pictures production. Erwin is also an active member of local Los Angeles repertory companies. Click here for more

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Cinderella 2000

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