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Clockwork Orange

1971       Malcolm McDowell

What is "A Clockwork Orange"?

Many interpretations have been placed on the title of Stanley Kubrick's"A Clockwork Orange," now at the Theatre. The ultimate clarification must come from Anthony Burgess who wrote the original novel.

'In 1945, back from the army, I heard an 80-year-old Cockney in a London pub say that somebody was 'as queer as a Clockwork Orange.' The 'queer' did not mean homosexual; it meant mad. The phrase intrigued me with its unlikely fusion of demotic and and surrealistic. For nearly 20 years I wanted to use it as the title of something. The opportunity came when I conceived the notion of writing a novel about brainwashing. "Joyce's Stephen Dedalus (in 'Ulysses') refers to the world as an oblate orange: man is a microcosm or little world; he is a growth as organic as a fruit, capable of color, fragrance and sweetness; to meddle with him, condition him, is to turn him into a mechanical creation."

The Cast

Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange" has been acclaimed and

dissected by critics, argued over in Parliament, editorialized in newsprint, magazine print, radio-TV voice-print. Only on one point does everyone, even Pauline Kael, agree. Malcolm McDowell as Alex, the engaging tough whose principal interests are now nearly immortal, gives a singularly brilliant performance that not only heralds the arrival of a superstar, but also of the most accomplished British actor of his generation. At 28, lie has defined the most important and central character of any of master filmmaker Stanley Kubrick's nine creations. A no-nonsense integrity comes through the bowler hat and false eyelash on screen and startles the complacent talk show panel on the tube. If the interviewer's questions aren't intelligent, he'll improvise the answers. His thoughts are direct and honest but tempered with a wry exploding laugh when he or someone else takes himself too seriously.

PATRICK MAGEE (Mr. Alexander) in "A Clockwork Orange," received the coveted Tony Award for the season's best dramatic performance as the Marquis de Sade in Peter Brook's acclaimed production of Marat/Sade, with the Royal Shakespeare Company. The Irish actor was first brought to London by Tyrone Guthrie for a series of Irish plays and staved to star in the premiere production of Samuel Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape, which was written especially for him by the Nobel-Prize winner. A distinguished series of contemporary plays with the Royal Shakespeare Company followed including Harold Pinter's The Birthday Party, Beckett's Endgame, Brecht's Puntila and Charles Dyer's The Staircase with Paul Scofield. On screen, Magee has appeared in Michael Cacoyannis THE TROJAN WOMAN Peter Brook's KING LEAR, Ken Hughes CROMWELL, as well as the film versions of MARAT/SADE and THE HOMECOMING, directed by William Friedkin.

MIRIAM KARLIN (Catlady) did not tell producer-director Kubrick she was allergic to cats when he cast her. as the kinky spa owner of 30 felines. But she so wanted to work with him that she went to a hypnotist four times a week until he cured her of the allergy as well as her 60-cigarette a day habit. ~ Karlin created the role of "Golde" to Topol's "Tevye" in the London production of FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, and has starred in the West End in Rain, The Bad Seed and The Diary of Anne Frank. Ms. Karlin recently completed a successful tour of Butterflies Are Free in Australia and New Zealand, where she also has an extensive following.

MICHAEL BATES (Chief Guard)has appeared in military uniforms in Oh What A Lovely War, The Battle of Britain, Dunkirk, Patton" and Hitchcock's forthcoming Frenzy. In addition to his officious, nearly apoplectic prison officer in Clockwork Orange, his comic genius is also on view in the West End in Peter Nichol's hit play Forget-Me-Not Lane, for which the London Drama Critics named him this year's Best Supporting Actor. Among his numerous stage credits are Inspector Truscott in Joe Or-ton's Loot, Toad in Toad of Toad Hall.

Impulsive ADRIENNE CORRI (Mrs. Alexander) made her screen debut at 15 in Jean Renoir's The River. In her last, Vampire Circus, she learned to have bats land on her shoulder. And in between, she was directed by Laurence Olivier in THE SHIFTING HEART, starred on Broadway in Anouilh's THE REHEARSAL, played Julie Christie's mother in DR. ZHIVAGO, dubbed voices for Fellini in LA DOLCE VITA and has appeared or starred in well over a hundred international plays, films and television specials. Clockwork Orange was her first full frontal film. "I must be the first natural redhead in Britain to do a strip". She sent Kubrick a pair of red socks for Christmas.

ANTHONY SHARP (The Minister of the Interior), who maneuvers and manipulates the government's position in perfect patrician style, wears three show business hats - actor, director, writer. He made his stage debut with Fay Comption in Family Portrait and toured with Sir Ralph Richardson in Merchant of Venice and Midsummer Night's Dream following extensive repertory work in England. Among his West End directorial successes are Wait Until Dark (for Honor Blackman), Any Other Business and Difference of Opinion. His plays The Conscience of the King and an adaption of Nightmare Abbey have been staged in London and at Windsor's Theatre Royal.

WARREN CLARKE (Dim) was the only cast member of HOME who did not join Sir Ralph Richardson, Sir John Gielgud, Mona Washbourne and Dandy Nichols when David Storey's acclaimed play arrived on Broadway. Warren, who portrayed the silent inmate "Alfred," was scheduled to go when Kubrick chose him to play Alex's dim-witted droog. Dirctor Lindsay Anderson recast the role. Clarke's relationship with Lindsay Anderson and David Storey began when he understudied the idiot boy in "The Contractor" and has continued for his important role in their current hit, "The Changing Room." Click here for more

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Clockwork Orange

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