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Dracula 3: Has Risen from the Grave

1968       Christopher Lee

Terror, in all the comfortable safety of the motion picture theatre, runs rampant again in Warner Bros.-Seven Arts' chiller "Dracula Has Risen From the Grave," which opened in 1968. The Technicolor film stars Christopher Lee in the title role, with Rupert Davies, Veronica Carison, Barry Andrews and Barbara Ewing.

The chilling terror tale was produced by Aida Young and directed by Freddie Francis from a script by John Elder.

"Dracula Has Risen From the Grave" is one of a series of films, well known throughout the world, that has set a new contemporary trend with pictures infused with Gothic menace, mythology, lurid terror and rich, visual splendors. It was in 1957 that the tall, distinguished figure of Christopher Lee first became involved with the vampire king, Count Dracula, in the motion picture "Dracula." Moviegoers, clamoring for a sequel, got it with "Dracula, Prince of Darkness." Now Dracula is hack again, and his fangs are even sharper than ever. Christopher Lee again plays Count Dracula. A specialist in studiea of the macabre, Lee

is a Carandini, one of Italy's oldest families and a part of the nobility claiming descent from Charlemagne. Lee's 90- plus films include various "straight" acting roles but, in recent years, he has concentrated on horror in his characterizations of Dracula, Frankenstein's monster and Fu Manchu. Rupert Davies portrays the Monsignor who valiantly fights the evil of the Vampire.. A character actor of distinction on stage and screen, Davies starred as Inspector Maigret in the film adaptations of Simenon's classic stories. Most terror tales have a romantic interest whose purpose is quite pen- pheral to the unleashing of evil. In "Dracula Has Risen From the Grave" is perhaps the first real love story ever to be found in such a tale of horror. The love between Paul, played by Barry Andrews, and Maria, played by Veronica Carlson, height. ens the contrast between good and evil and helps to assure our loathing of Count Dracula. Aida Young, the producer, is one of the few successful women in the field of movie production. She claims almost 25 years experience in show business, first as an actress, then as assistant director before her promotion to production manager for Hammer Films. Freddie Francis, the director, is an Academy Award winner and has been in the industry for 30 years.

It was actor Christopher Lee who coined the phrase, "the loneliness of evil," and it is a phrase he lives and works by since he has become world famous for his classic portrayals of the Frankenstein monster, Fu Manchu and Dracula. In between "takes" of his latest chiller, Warner Bros..Seven Arts' "Dracula Has Risen From the Grave" which opens on at the Theatre, Lee paused from his blood. letting long enough to talk about his work. He says, "I don't like the word 'horror' at all; it really means something distasteful. I much prefer 'terror' or 'melodrama.' Most of the char. acters I portray evoke a kind of subconscious sympathy. Even Dracula is to be pitied." "In fact," Lee continues, "all people who do dreadful things are to he pitied. I believe my phrase "the loneliness of evil" is true. I don't think horror or terror films have a had effect on anyone. War and crime pictures are more dangerous because they are more sadistic. You can ram a broken glass into someone's face, hut no one can live on drinking blood for 800 years." It was Mr. Lee's magnificent appearance which gave him the chance to enter films of the macabre. He stands six feet four and has aristocratic features, hypnotic deep brown eyes and a rich full voice. "They cast me as Frankenstein's monster," Lee says, "because I was so tall. That started it all though I would never play the Mummy or the Monster again." Like the man he idolizes, Boris Karloff, Lee seems destined to thrill the world for years to come. Click here for more

Item Details:
French Grande 43x67 single-sided folded

Dracula 3: Has Risen from the Grave

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